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Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch

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Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers.

Lannie is 40 years old and sleeping is her biggest problem. Its hard for her to sleep and when she woke up she always feel exhausted.

"I purchased these Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch to eliminate toxins from my body while I sleep. The pads are easy to put on and stay in place all night. I haven’t had any problem taking them off and removing all the adhesive in the morning. It’s similar to taking a band aid off. The pads leave a slight sent, similar to burned wood or ash. So if you’re not planning on showering after taking them off then you may notice that smell every so often during the day. Certainly not over powering or foul, but it is there. So far I’m pleased with the purchase. The pads are dark every morning when I take them off. So far I’ve used them 6 times in almost 2 weeks."

Lannie Green
Denver, CO

Darlene saw the reviews on this Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch were so good she decided to call their bluff. She wanted to order them as a first aid kit, most especially through this planed pandemic. People just need healing in so many ways so she figured that would be good to test it.

"I was so skeptical, I thought it was going to be another gimmick.. NOT! I will tell you this, after 15 years of working in retail and on my feet some 10-14 hours by the time you get home, yes you’re exhausted. Having had so much experience selling shoes and understanding how much we sweat, it could be about 2.25 cups of water in total your feet perspire. This product works with your perspiration, the first night they were more charcoal color and by the 8th day you can really see the changes. Some nights I slept unbelievably well, while the first three nights I didn’t notice a change except in the coloring of the pads getting lighter. If you are going to buy this product I highly recommend not giving up and being consistent for you to see progress. One family member just told me, tonight as a matter a fact, her husband slept through the night on his fourth day. She made it clear that it was very unusual for him not to wake up multiple times at night. Look, the product is easy to use and very comfortable. You have to deal with the smell of the natural ingredients, but well worth it. You have to follow the direction precisely and make sure in the am when you go to take them off you are either going to shower or use wet wipes to get any adhesive left, for the most part it’s not much to take off and I highly recommend giving them a fair shot. Best of luck everyone, stay healthy and happy!"

Darlene Wright
Miami, FL

2 key ingredients that makes Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch special:

  1. Ginger
  2. Bamboo Vinegar

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, compounds that prevent stress and damage to your body. They may help your body fight off chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diseases of the lungs, plus promote healthy aging.


Promotes digestion and soothes indigestion it is believed that Bamboo vinegar may help support digestion and fight against acid reflux and heartburn. Removes  Foul odors that can be caused by many things outside and inside your body.

Benefit Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch give you:

  • Best treatment for swollen ankles and legs.
  • Remove body toxin.
  • Prevents the harmful effect that toxin can cause.
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Burn fat naturally.
  • Safe and Effective.
  • Contain natural ingredients.

Daisy's 4 Weeks Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch Result

Before Daisy purchase the Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch. She saw a couple of ads on YouTube about the Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch. So she decided to order.

Here is the result...

Week 1


"I used this Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch to get rid of my foot pain and to get shape. And for this past 7 days I feel a lot better now and I lose weight. How wonderful that this can relieve leg cramps and swollen." 

Week 2


"In a couple of weeks I change myself to be a healthy person and switch into a better lifestyle. It is amazing how much toxins show up on the pads after you have had them on overnight. You do need to put socks or something on your feet to keep them from peeling off. Another week another lbs. I lose."

Week 4

"Perfect results. I was so satisfied with the first time ordering the Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch that I ordered the second one & so far the results is the same as the first order. Living a healthy lifestyle by removing toxins from your body just got a lot easier. Achieving ideal body even not working out is also great that I gain using this. I definitely recommend this product. You have to try it out to see for yourself."


"For a month I’ve been using these Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch it’s made a huge difference on my energy level. Every morning I wake up feeling refreshed and well’s amazing! The ultimate test was last night when my son came in and woke me up 3 times! Usually I would wake up feeling exhausted and tired, but nope! I’m still feeling great and focused. My brain is less foggy and I’m more productive. I just wished it helped with losing weight but we can’t win them all! :D"

Daisy Anderson
Louisiana, New Orleans

How to Use

  1. Tear off the largest sticker on the patch.
  2. Stick the powder packets to the center of the tape.
  3. Wash your feet, dry them, and then put the foot stick on the center of your feet.
  4. Remove about after 8 hours and wipe off the residue.

Ingredients: Ginger and bamboo vinegar

Product Details: 10/20/30 pcs x Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch

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