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Belly Drainage Ginger Massage Cream

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Let’s hear what our happy customers are saying:

"Finally this cream had helped me tremendously in shedding those fats just at the comfort of my own home!"

“I used to have a leaner body but after giving birth to my second, I developed a lot of cellulite, especially in my tummy area. I felt the need to remove or atleast trim them down even a bit but I absolutely don’t have an active lifestyle. So I finally searched for the best options that would work for my intention and this cream didn’t disappoint me! I literally sweat a lot even without working out! I actually put this on day and night and in just a month, my skin has felt much tighter and firmer! I could see a better curve of my waist! All thanks to this!!“

Jane Parker, 32, Phoenix, Arizona


"I wanted to reduce fats whatever it takes. Then I found this cream  and included it in my workout routine and it totally satisfied me!"

“I use this with a waist trainer and working out and have found that is just that extra something to make a difference. The warming after putting it on and the way it has boosted my sweating, is probably my favorite part. But the smell is a close second. I love how my skin feels after rubbing it in (but before the waist trainer goes on.) And it's definitely helping make those inches shrink faster!”

Carly Memphis, 26, Houston, Texas


How does your body burn fat?

Adipose tissue is commonly known as body fat. It is found all over the body. It can be found under the skin (subcutaneous fat), packed around internal organs (visceral fat), between muscles, within bone marrow and in breast tissue.

Fat cells release the energy packages, or fatty acid molecules, to the bloodstream. The muscles, lungs and heart pick up these fatty acids, break them apart, and use the energy stored in the bonds to execute their activities.

As a result, the body readjusts by decreasing the number and size of fat cells, which subsequently improves baseline metabolism, decreases inflammation, treats disease, and prolongs lives.



2 Key Ingredients For Accelerating Fat Burning - Ginger Root,  Cassia Seeds

    1. Ginger Root

    According to a 2017 review of Medical News Today, compounds called zingerone and shogaols in ginger help with weight loss. These compounds are beneficial in the complex bodily processes that burn and store fat. The effect was more pronounced in people who had a particular set of genes. This may be a clue that ginger may work better for weight loss in some people than in others. A connected study found that using ginger had a small beneficial effect compared with a placebo, decreasing body mass index (BMI) and increasing markers of blood sugar control in women with obesity.

    2. Cassia Seeds

    When it comes to weight loss, the Cassia seeds are one of the most effective natural ingredients a detoxing tea can contain. They have the ability to maintain the health of your digestive system, all while helping you get rid of unwanted toxins.


    That's why we created this Belly Drainage Ginger Massage Cream

    Formulated with multiple potent ingredients, this will help recover loss of skin tightness due to aging, pregnancy or fluctuations in weight and gives your body a younger and firmer look. It helps facilitate better blood circulation and faster metabolism when the body absorbs it. This revolutionary cream will help you lose fat, giving you a slimmer and more toned look through its all natural composition in just a few short weeks!


    What makes the Ginger Massage Cream Your Great Choice?

    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite by promoting better blood circulation
    • Promotes weight loss by stimulating the body’s natural heat production
    • Increases metabolism and fat burning while reducing cravings for food
    • Safe  for all skin types
    • Flushes out toxins and excess water weight
    • Fast absorbing

    Have a closer look at Tricia’s weight loss journey:

    I’ve always been a little bit on the heavy side, but it wasn’t until I hit my 30’s  that I really started to notice how much weight and fats were creeping on. My tummy was obviously rounder and my arms were so flabby. I got this cream to try on and I was totally amazed by how much sweat came out after I applied it on my skin.

     Week 1

    I noticed some changes on the appearance of my skin. I felt that my tummy area had become tighter and my arms were less flabby. I was even less sluggish throughout the day and gave more energy as well. I weighed myself and found out that I’d lost 3 inches from my waistline!


     Week 8

    Surprisingly, my tops fit me better this time! The fats around my waist and arms were way less noticeable! I continued to sweat tremendously, and I definitely enjoyed the cream every timeI used it! Some of my friends were asking what had happened to me, as they were amazed with the transformation in my body!


     Week 12

    This stuff really works! I lost several inches already, and have achieved a desirable body size and weight in just 3 months! Even the other parts of my body that were fat were sneaking out and obviously disappeared. My skin is more toned and firmer too!

    Tricia Sumner, 32, Naples, Florida


    Will this work for you?

    The natural ingredients can quickly penetrate the skin and enter the body’s circulatory system through the navel acupuncture points to play the role of burning fat. It effectively prevents the absorption of oils, sugars, starches and helps decrease excessive appetite. There are tons of diet  tricks out there these days, and most of them are very costly but low in providing you with an actual outcome. So we guarantee that this product will work for you definitely!


    More Successful Stories of using Belly Drainage Ginger Massage Cream


    I have tried an awful lot of slimming products and none of them gave me the results that the Belly Drainage Ginger Massage Cream had given. It gives quick results and if you diligently apply it, your weight loss journey will have a nice and smooth ride! So I suggest that you try it out to have that sexy body that every girl dreams of having.

    Frances Walters, 29, Denver, Colorado


    This Ginger Massage Cream is probably one of the best slimming products that I ever used! I was down 2 sizes in just 3 months of continued use and I never expected this to happen. I was just looking for a cream that can aid me in my work out and obviously it did more than that. The benefits that came with it are incomparable with other brands. I am now as happy as ever, just like a kid during the holidays!

    Liz Saunders, 30, Fairfield, Connecticut


    This Cream saves you tons of money!

     Belly Drainage Ginger Massage Cream’s all natural ingredients are carefully made to make a huge impact not only to your body but also saves you tons of money in the long run.

    What looks too good to be true is for real, no fancy gimmicks! That's one reason why the  Belly Drainage Ginger Massage Cream is selling worldwide like crazy at the moment.
    It is important that you try out our Ginger Massage Cream to initially experience the wonderful effect it brings so that at the end of the day you will realize, that you will save a bunch of money by removing your first option which involves costly gym membership fees, pharmacy medicines and hospitalization, plus you will have more time and energy that you can dedicate to what you love doing the most! Now that's something we can both agree upon.


    How To Use

    1. Apply a generous amount of cream on your palm
    2. Rub it on your belly
    3. Massage for about 3-5 minutes until fully absorbed
    4. Repeat the application once or twice daily to achieve better results



    • Ingredients: Ginger, Cassia Seeds, Squalane, Hamamelis Virginiana, Xanthan Gum, Glycerol Stearate
    • Net Wt.: 20g


    Package Inclusion

    • Belly Drainage Ginger Massage Cream x 1


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