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Color CarbonBlue Titanium Bracelet

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This Color CarbonBlue Titanium Bracelet with Blue Gems has 3500 gauss magnets embedded in it, which can help you lose weight quickly and safely by improving your metabolism and blood circulation! It can help to alleviate pain, weariness, and muscle strain. Assists in the prevention of wrinkles and fading by reducing the presence of oxidants, fading, and static. Scratches are 100% hypoallergenic  and scratch resistant. Helps you get a leaner figure with less effort by speeding up your metabolism and digestion.


  • Promotes Fat Breakdown - Signals the body to break down fat cells more efficiently, allowing you to lose weight more quickly!

  • Efficacy against negative radiation and other negative energies. Emf protection.
  • Improves Blood Circulation - Helps to keep your blood flowing properly! It also aids in the reduction of high blood pressure, so avoiding future medical expenses.

  • Powerful Healing Minerals: germanium, magnet, infrared, and negative ion! 

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Package Include: 1 x CarbonBlue Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

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