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Eyebrow Hair Remover Pen

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Eyebrow Hair Remover Pen can be used without needing to wax, tweeze, or use a laser, undesirable facial hair around the brows was eradicated instantly and painlessly. Rather than harming your skin by plucking, waxing, or threading, you can effortlessly remove undesirable and stray eyebrows by moving them in small, circular motions with delicate and painless trimming. It's a fantastic everyday clean-up product for keeping your brows in tip-top shape! Use it to remove even the tiniest hairs from hard-to-reach regions like bikini lines and the upper lip without causing irritation!


  • Precise Eyebrow Trimming: Remove unwanted and stray eyebrow hairs on the top, at the bottom, as well as those in-between eyebrows are easily erased in the most perfect and professional way.

  • Pain & Irritation Free: Hairs aren’t long enough to wax and plucking is time consuming and hurts. This trimmer is a perfect replacement for your painful tweezers.

  • Safe & Gentle: 360° rotatable shaving with an ergonomic design and liner fine gear, the razor can easily remove rugged areas of skin even at hiding places.
  • High Quality product:  LED lighting position function, 18K gold-plated head is gentle on all skin types and washable knife head.

How to Use

  1. Press the button to turn on the light.
  2. Move the device in small and circular motions to remove those unwanted hairs.
  3. Remove the head and clean the hair with a brush.

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