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Herbal Digestive Patch

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Herbal Digestive Patch it relieves the symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating and indigestion caused by food injury, food accumulation, damp heat and promotes health because of its detoxifying and feeding stomach actions. This product is skin-friendly and safe to use because it contains natural and herbal ingredients.


  • Improve Digestion: Help you solve intestinal troubles for better and proper healthy digestion for relaxing bowels.
  • Detox and Nourish Stomach: Tighten the abdomen and moisturize the large intestine, shape and beautify the body.
  • Reduce Abdominal Pain: Relieves the symptoms of pain, bloating and indigestion.
  • Healthy Way for Losing Weight: Active ingredients that burn fat and eliminate excess fat.

How to Use

  1. Wipe the affected area before using.
  2. After cleaning, stick or apply it to your belly button.
  3. Each application lasts 8-12 hours, and at least 4 hours of interval between each application is recommended.

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Herbal Digestive Patch

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