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Low Back Wireless Lifting Lace Bra

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 Anti-Aging Support Bra Prevent Sagging While Remaining the Beauty

Breast sagging is one of the many natural body changes women experience as they age. The female breasts are composed of fat and ligaments, but due to the lack of muscle tissues, there is no exercise that has the ability to strengthen the breasts against sagging.

“Lack of proper support will take its toll over a 30- to 40-year period. I highly recommend women get professionally fitted for a supportive bra Low Back Wireless Lifting Lace Bra that offers this service,” Dr. Roseman says.

Low Back Wireless Lifting Lace Bra is mainly made of lightweight and sweat-absorbing nylon and polyester. With a flat seam design, soft and comfortable, breathable and elastic, with no steel ring and no restraint. The low back wireless lifting lace bra is designed with the convenient front adjustable shoulder straps, with nice elasticity and comfort; 3 settings of adjustment, provides flexibility in fitting, you will not feel too tight or uncomfortable after a long-term wearing.


  • Soft & Comfortable: The thin and soft daily bras are very smooth, breathable and lightweight, enjoy the feeling of restrain-free with exquisite support.
  • Sexy & Invisible: Low back style and U-shaped, which not only meets your daily wear but also allows you to wear any backless evening dresses.

  • Prevent Breast Sagging: Lifting up and supporting your breasts, also can do to prevent the sagging process.

  • High Quality Materials: Made of quality nylon and polyester material, which is sturdy and durable. Low back wireless lifting lace bra is made to serve a long time.

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Low Back Wireless Lifting Lace Bra

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