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Mermaid Hair Coloring Cream

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You can now color your hair vibrantly while giving it the nourishment it deserves with the Mermaid Hair Coloring Cream. Enhance your color's hair to make you stand out. This coloring cream also gives your hair a protective cover to prevent the harmful effects of UV light rays. Make your hair shine and glow and change its color from roots to tips. 

  • The cream makes your hair shine by providing it with essential vitamins that nourish it for healthier and stronger hair. 
  • This helps to prevent your hair from drying up due to chemically inclined products with the hydrating effects installed in the formula.
  • Color your hair with a satisfying finish. 
  • Maintains and prolongs the vibrant color of the hair and avoids the dullness effect of washing as time goes by.
  • Creates a protective layer for the hair that prevents the harmful effects of UV light and toxic chemicals. 
How to use
1. Gently massage the preferred amount of Mermaid Hair Coloring Cream on your hair.
2. Let the hair absorb the nutrients for 20-30 minutes
3. Rinse hair with warm water and dry it.

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