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ReGrowth Ginger Spray

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"My dermatologist recommended this to me. I'm a middle aged woman with crazy hormones that resulted in my hair shedding, among other things. I started ReGrowth Ginger Spray and now I have a good amount of new growth. Especially along my hair line where my hair was receding. I use once a day and skip on days I wash my hair. I'm very happy with the results so far."

Jasmine Williams - Toronto, Canada

"I was going bald in my twenties and was not happy about it. All the men in my family go bald starting at the to back of the head. Mine had reached 3in diameter before I tried ReGrowth Ginger Spray. I was getting balding jokes from everyone. After a few weeks I noticed some serious flaking on my scalp. Don't worry it goes away, when the flaking subsided I noticed my bald spot was shrinking, the other men in my family were amazed."

Chris Pruitt - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Consist of 2 Key Ingredients For Hair Growth:

  1. Ginger Extract
  2. Angelica Extract

Ginger boosts blood circulation to the scalp. As a result, ginger stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair root and follicles. Additionally, many fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals which are present in ginger can strengthen hair strands, which prevents hair loss. Angelica root has been used for hair loss treatment for centuries by the experts. Enriched with Vitamin E, it helps in stimulating the circulation of oxygen in the body and the scalp. It helps to promote the metabolism and replenishes the nutrient supply in the body, which is essential for the growth of hair.

Hair diminishing, and thinning up top are the troubles of many. Accomplish a thicker, fuller, and longer hair with the all-new ReGrowth Ginger Spray! This astounding product contains formula that fortify blood stream, increments circulation which triggers and energizes the hair follicles to develop speedier! Profoundly moisturize the scalp and maintain healthy hair. Avoid getting hair from being dry and fuzzy. Smoother, shinier, and gentler hair all day long!

Why ReGrowth Ginger Spray is special:
  • Accelerate hair grow 4x better than other similar product.
  • Moisturize your scalp and soften your hair.
  • Easily prevent hair loss, hair thinning, and balding.
  • Safe to be used on the scalp, face, chest, etc.

See how great results you can get with ReGrowth Ginger Spray in a month

Week 1

I'm 30 years old and I started having a hair loss problem. The first time I noticed that my hairline was receding was in my 29. I didn't know what to do. I was getting bullied by some coworkers and also my family members especially my sister. Then I said to myself if I don't want to go bald at a young age, I need to take action.  So I tried ReGrowth Ginger Spray and surprise in just a week I see some changes.

Week 2

I spend my time at home working on getting my hair back on track and here I am. Thank god. At first I shed like crazy on my temples and also on top. Now I'm on my 2nd week using ReGrowth Ginger Spray. Check out these results I'm speechless.

Week 4

Finally in just a month using ReGrowth Ginger Spray, my hair shows remarkable results with regular use. Doubles the hair growth in just a month and follicles are significantly improved and nourished. 

How to Use

  • Spray an adequate amount evenly on the scalp surface and hair roots.
  • Massage gently for 2-3 minutes to allow it to be fully absorbed.
  • Apply once every morning and evening.

Ingredients: Ginger extract, water, angelica extract, safflower extract, black sesame and methylparaben sodium hyaluronate.

Weight: 20 ml

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