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Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet

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"What a great way to achieve a fit and healthy body! I love the Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet"


“I used to have these accumulated baby fats growing up. It was cute when I was younger but as I grew older I realized that I am getting bullied because of the few inches of fat on my body and I am tired of being called silly names like “fatso” then I saw this bracelet online and decided to try it on. After 3 months of consistent wearing the copper bracelet, I no longer eat a lot and my appetite is a bit suppressed so I started losing weight! I already achieved the contoured body that I wanted and I will continue using it! Great bracelet!”

Barry Glenn, Fairfield, Connecticut

"It gets the fat out without the hassle of working out!"


“I am an obese person and I work in the office just sitting my butt out for long hours so that adds to my belly fat. Then my friend introduced me to this Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet. In a span of about 4 months, I was able to lose a big chunk of pounds without the tiring and heavy workouts that stresses me more. I notice a sudden control in my appetite and the craving for junk food has stopped. This is really an effective product and I highly recommend it.”

George Rays, Cape Coral, Florida


Why Copper and Magnets? 


Some studies found that it boosted fat burning and the University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Howard Hughes Medical Institute researchers have now clarified the critical role that copper plays in nutrition: It helps move fat out of fat cells – called adipocytes – and into the bloodstream for use as energy. 


Magnets can change cellular physiology. That said, magnets can change your metabolism and lose weight. Besides, the main function is that the north pole stimulates metabolism while the south pose slows down the mechanism.

      Magnetic Therapy - Healing Effect on our health

      Magnetic Therapy is proven to be beneficial to Boost Metabolism and Losing Weight

      Studies have shown that Magnetic Therapy is beneficial to resistant starch and can cause blood sugar to rise less and return to normal faster after a meal as well which is beneficial to weight loss as well.

      • They stimulate to increase the amount of resistant starch in the large intestine.
      • They prevent the digestion of complex carbs in the small intestine.
      •  Aids in decreased body fat, healthier gut bacteria and improved blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.


      That's why we created...

      This Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet creates brain stimulation that causes weight loss by making gut bacteria healthier. A new study finds that a noninvasive electromagnetic brain stimulation technique helps obese people lose weight, partly by changing the composition of their intestinal bacteria—the so-called gut microbiota plus the copper in it boosts and helps move out the fats and greatly stimulates better metabolism.

      What Makes the Copper Bracelet Your Great Choice?


      This is considered to be an alternative therapy to effectively reduce fats in your body and treat other possible disorders. Such a perfect jewelry for you to keep healthy!!

      • Significant Improvement in Blood Flow
      • Regulates Blood Pressure
      • Regulates Cholesterol Level in the Body
      • Improves Oxygenation of the Body
      • Eliminates Toxin in the Body
      • Improve Health of Connective Tissues


      Are you struggling with Weight Gain all your life?

      Earnest has been fat ever since he remembers and his weight loss journey using this  Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet is a phenomenal one for him.

      Let’s take a peek at this life changing recovery:

      Week 1

      I started wearing this bracelet in the hopes that I get some help in losing my unwanted fats that’s been dragging me for years now. First, I felt that the product had stopped my craving for comfort foods and was working around my body.”

      Week 4

      “This amazing shed off about several pounds off my weight with just diligently wearing this bracelet. The copper and magnet combination does really seem to work on my internal body and it is working well. I love that I don’t feel so heavy now. I just plan to continue what I’m doing until I reach my target goal.”

      Week 8

      “What an incredible Bracelet! I am very slim now and with me wearing this bracelet I feel very fit mentally and physically! I achieved my goal for now though I need to trim those saggy skin but I plan to do it slowly but surely and thanks to this Copper Bracelet it’s as if it had saved my life and definitely a game changer!’

      Earnest Evans,  Long Island, New York


      Will This Work For You?

      It’s definitely a —YES it will!

      • Metabolism always works as an integral part of weight loss. 
      • It is the biological process that ensures the food’s conversion and the water you are taking into energy. 
      • Even when your body is at rest, then for the necessary functions like the blood circulation, respiration, hormone adjustment, and the cellular levels of the body . So this product definitely works!
      • Magnetic bracelets can work the best for the long-term support they can give to an individual’s health.


      More Successful Stories Of Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet

      Before & After


      I have been wearing this Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet for 3 months now and I am very satisfied with this product as it helps me remove my unwanted fats. I used to eat a lot and mostly junk food but when I started wearing this my craving for unhealthy foods withered and my appetite was controlled which led me to lose a lot of weight. Highly recommend it!”

      Marlowe Young, 22, Inverness, Florida


      Before & After  

      “With the help of this therapeutic bracelet I was able to reduce my fat and turn it into something muscular. I have never been this fit in my life and I felt that it boosted my self confidence and I am very happy that I get to wear nicer clothes and look fantastic in them.”

      Richard Fuller, 25, San Francisco, California


      This Bracelet will definitely save you tons of money!

      Health is indeed wealth! Living a healthy life means leaving a long and prosperous life. Less health problems equate to less medical expenses such as surgical procedures, maintenance medicines, and other crucial, life saving apparatuses. Get your life back together with the This Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet , it will help you focus on your goal, and helps you shed those unwanted fats! 



      • Material: Copper, Magnets
      • Colors: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black


      Package Includes:

      • Therapeutic Energy Men's Copper Bracelet x 1


      For each pieces of our product purchased, we donate a portion of our profit to support the Cruelty Free International organization, which helps to promote the protection of animals and end animal cruelty around the globe.  By purchasing our product, you are supporting our cause to provide a more animal-friendly beauty culture. Don't hesitate to contribute to corporate your passion for beauty and animal today. 

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