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Wonder Hip Body Trainer

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Use our Wonder Hip Body Trainer to efficiently exercise muscles, including the pelvis and hip muscles, making it simpler to obtain a lovely buttock effect while keeping the pelvis healthy and firming virginal. Pelvic muscles, lower abs, thighs, and buttocks should all be strengthened. Kegel exercises are a tried-and-true way to strengthen your entire core, but they're especially good for the pelvic floor muscles. In addition to preventing incontinence, strengthening the pelvic muscles can also help to ease an existing issue. The pelvis leans forward, the waist thickens, the body becomes out of shape, and the pelvic muscles become slack as a result of sedentary behavior. The kegel exerciser works by activating the pelvic floor muscles and correcting pelvic posture, which improves the back's appearance and restores the body's natural curve.


  • Pelvic floor strengthening device: pelvic muscle exerciser, used to train the pelvic floor muscle strength, adjust and tighten the thigh, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles.

  • Multi-purpose thigh master exercise equipment: This little thigh master can exercise thighs, arms, chest, back and buttocks, easy to use, suitable for different movements of different body parts.

  • Shape the perfect buttocks: hip trainer sports products are suitable for women who have just given birth to a baby / flat buttocks / work sedentary / postpartum mothers / sedentary / sedentary women with fat thighs, or women who are worried about flat buttocks.

  • Healthy weight loss: No need to diets, the pelvic muscle exerciser can effectively shape female buttocks, so that you have a charming figure, and make us younger and more beautiful.

How to Use

  1. Basic Training 1: Put the product in the middle of the legs, 3-6cm from the buttocks, 40° on the toes, and stand up with the heels
  2. Basic Training 2: Use the inside of the buttocks and the gluteus maximus to make a breath from the abdomen and keep it for 5 seconds. Then slowly inhale and return, and perform 8-12 times of throughput.
  3. Horse Riding: On the inside of the buttocks in the flat support state, put the beauty device on the inside to keep the body balanced. Let the pelvis tilt backwards while lifting the abdomen, and the scorpion wings remain closed for 60 seconds.
  4. Bridge Shape: With your feet open, your knees are half-bent and close together, and the top is tightened vertically, and the wings are buckled down to the knees. The inner thigh is forced for 5 seconds.

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